Wire 2 Wire Vet Products, LLC was started in 2005 with the goal to develop unique products to improve animal health care. We concentrate on creating and bringing to market new products that are substantially different from what was previously available. While many of our products are useful across the animal world our concentration is on equine activity.

We are proud to market quality and unique products to animal health professionals and animal owners.  Items such as the BOA are innovative and fill a real requirement within our industry.

The owners of W2W are horsemen who have a long and experience in the equine business. They are:

  • Michael Cavey, DVM operated a successful equine practice and supply company as well as a breeding and racing operation in Maryland. He moved his Respite breeding operaton to Kentucky in 2000, providing easier access to top stallions for his broodmare band.
  • Nancy Temple, DVM an equine surgeon, graduated from the University if Illinois, did her residency at the Marion du Pont Equine Hospital in Leesburg, Virginia. She manages the yearling cases of the Respite Farm Breeding operation. Mike and Nancy were married in 2004 and operate Respite Farm, with separate breeding and racing operations, and are regular consignors to the major breeding sales at Keeneland.
  • Richard Hoffberger is the president of The Hoffberger Insurance Group; an insurance firm that specializes in bloodstock and related insurance requirements; and a director of Howard Global Insurance Services, a London based insurance brokerage company, and an insurance facility in Australia. He races primarily in Maryland and has bought and sold at various auctions in Kentucky, Florida and Maryland for the last 20 years.

We only sell products that we use ourselves and have used on our own horses.